Our Journey

Reclaim Waste was created because we believed there was a better way to treat waste rather than just dumping it in landfill.
Waste material has always been seen as a commodity, something that was taken for granted. Sustainability and environmental impact must be considered when treating waste. Reclaim exists to vertically integrate our ability to not just transport waste material, but re-purpose it – clean sand, clean rock and clean water - back into industry.

We want to improve the customer experience within the industry, minimise the products that previously ended their life in landfill and challenge the status quo of how waste is treated. There is a better way.
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Our Mission

Investing in our customer-centric and technology-focused business, we ensure every day that we serve our industry and community. We partner with and understand each customer’s needs, and we deliver on our promise of team investment and approachability, and industry compliance, leadership and transformation.

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Reclaim aims to ensure all product received is processed to the utmost compliant standards and ultimately repurposed back into industry in a safe and environmentally acceptable manner that effectively extends the lifecycle of the raw material and minimises the excess waste. In the ‘material ecosystem’ this is serving the industry both at the start-of-life and end-of-life aspects.

Our Certifications

EPA licence
ISO 9001

Why Choose Us

We value our customers and their experience
Every customer is welcomed and treated equally. We ask customers for their feedback and action any ideas or suggestions where relevant.
We are 100% compliant
Yes, safety and customer service are our two major priorities, but also we’re 100% compliant with all requirements in our industry.
We are independent
We operate with the friendliness of a family-run business but with the infrastructure of much larger organisations. Bottom line is our customer’s get the best of both worlds.
We are embracing technology
We’re not afraid to implement new policies, procedures and equipment to fine-tune our customer experience using technology as the driver to a better outcome.

Our Team

Managing Director / CEO

Julian has over 12 years of experience in the waste industry and is a founder of Reclaim Waste.  Julian has a particular interest in sustainability and working on bespoke solutions with clients that have Reportable Priority Waste challenges.

Plant Manager

Henry has over 30 years experience in Operations and Plants and has managed diverse business units and teams. Focused , primarily on achieving the outcome of  working with customers and stakeholders to manage the reuse of waste materials in the most environmentally acceptable method.

Business Development Manager

Joseph completed his Bachelor of Business with a major in Marketing. He has over a decade of experience in the retail and hospitality industries and has run his own business. He turned to the waste industry in 2020 and assisted in building and operating Reclaim Waste from its establishment. Using his previous experience in sales and client management, he has progressed into Business Development to further grow Reclaim Waste.