Our Process

We employ a staged process that separates all reusable material back into its raw form that can then be repurposed.
Any waste that arrives is tested to ensure it meets our compliance obligations to treat it. That waste is then loaded into a pit and progressively screened to remove any oversize material. Smaller material is removed leaving a very fine clay-type substance sludge that is treated chemically and de-watered using a centrifuge.

These leftover materials are then eligible to be reused.
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Compliant methods
Modern Equipment
Easy to deal with
Trained and competent staff

How We Deliver

our process

What Can We Re-purpose?


Course to medium material
Clean Fill Material
Mud consistency
Reclaimed Water
Processed and ready for discharge
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What’s our difference?

Safe and compliant facilities
Fast and efficient customer service
100% independently owned
Latest technology and equipment with end-to-end solutions
Combined 40+ years of industry experience

Our Certifications

EPA licence
ISO 9001

Our Compliance

We operate only to the highest Australian compliance standards. This means that any waste material that does not meet those standards we will not treat. This compliance extends far beyond just a token piece of paper hanging on a wall, it is a part of the entire Reclaim culture, ranging from our equipment, our facility infrastructure, all our standard operating procedures and even how our team works and interacts with our clients.


Our Technology

We’re big believers in technology and have invested heavily in our own research and development to create a facility that is not just modern, it is state of the art. Baked into our process is technology that other waste facilities simply cannot match, and if they can match it, they certainly cannot match our speed, efficiency and logistical management of the constant flow of trucks dropping of their latest load of waste to be treated.

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