Sustainable Waste Management in Melbourne

We’re big advocates of sustainability. Repurposing old materials that are traditionally buried at ‘end of life’ toward other industries is what we’re passionate about. Be it sand and soil to be used on garden beds, rocks and gravel to manufacture concrete or asphalt or even our treated water to help keep the local park green, we’re here to lend not just our industry experience and knowledge, but to help pioneer the sustainability culture that is the circular economy.
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Key Initiatives

Industry Leader In On-Site Treatment Process
Reduction of Landfill Waste
Embrace Latest Technology
Advocates of the Circular Economy
We have the capacity to accept
LITRES per week

Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from reclaiming recycled materials for re-use.

Volume of materials reclaimed
Tonnes Sand
Tonnes Aggregate
Mega Litres Recycled Water

100% Independent

We’re a family operated business with the experience, knowledge and infrastructure to equal the largest companies in our industry. Our customers are not simply rushed through our facility because ‘time is money’. We leverage our technology and internal processes to ensure the contents of each truck is dealt with in a quick and efficient way.

All while the driver enjoys a cup of coffee in our break room.


Customer Experience

The fact that we are small but potent means we can deliver excellent service to our customers whilst delivering excellent customer service. Drivers who enter our facility are free to enjoy a tea room, use the rest room or just enjoy a small break whilst our highly trained and competent staff do the rest. We’re not just about the profits, we’re about delivering the best experience for our customers and managing their waste requirements. Though we of course want to make a profit along the way.